Alivar Baloo armchair

High standard contemporary furniture creating the fine style ambients.

Alivar Agave wood and marble table

Alivar is the example of the Italian company uniting in its products and philosophy simplicity, fine look, comfort and the old crafts. Using various materials, they attempt to point out the significant quality of each of them.

Their design is oriented to those enjoying luxurious, fine furniture and buying Italian design since they bear in mind both its quality and the values represented by it. Alivar does not create just the furniture, but also the vision of Italian contemporary way of living.

“Our pieces are contemporary, but they are more than just fashion: they are the way of interior interpreting”.

Alivar Mr Jones leather sofa

Alivar offers two collections: Home Project and Brilliant Lifestyle. The first one is characteristic for outstanding and timeless elegance, while the characteristics of the second one are simplicity, comfort and discreet specific characteristics of each piece creating an intimate and sophisticated space.