Responsible industry

One of the biggest European B2B timber market. is one of the biggest European B2B timber market, that promotes serious and responsible firms in the woodworkingfurniture industry and specific products. wants to promote responsible industry away from the reprehensible actions of the various intermediaries who have grubbed  the forests and created a false impression on a fanion industry.

You can access the site whether you have an application or offer that targets the wood industry. On this portal you can find everything you need: from simple firewoodtimbersawdust, to serious businesses that can build your dream home. The offer is very rich – over 70,000 selling / buying deals for both domestic and foreign markets for the products of this industry.

 It is important that we all become aware that we can create and have beautiful things and, above all, live healthy. We just need to find the necessary resources in us and raw material … here helps us