“Choose your own way!”

Design Talks – Day 4

Ms. Monika Racic and Ms. Francesca De Ponti from Milan, owners of ADP Comunicazione, as well as Ms. Tanja Jovic, a Sales Agent at Alba Sales Company, presented themselves to the audience on the fourth day of Design Talks.

They discussed design and its wider application, and in that sense Francesca pointed out: “Salone del Mobile is Milan, and Milan is Salone. Design influences the city, the identity of the city, not only during that one week, but the whole understanding of the city, what Milan is. The reverse is also true. When it comes to design, of course, it’s not just about design; it’s much, much more complex than that.

Ms. Tanja Jovic addressed the listeners, including young and still unknown designers by giving them a specific piece of advice:

“It’s not just enough to have a product, if we take into consideration that you have a good product. Communication is of utmost importance. I deal with sales, I connect brands and architects, I work on everything that is important to raise a brand, and I deal with a sales strategy. Everything exists. You can’t come up with an idea of “hot water” and beware of copying. When you find a “niche” and make a product, do not be shy, be confident. It is very important that you do what you love because the beginning is always hard and you do not see the results when you need them. You make mistakes, and big brands make them as well. In that sense, do not give up and be persistent. ”

Ms. Francesca de Ponti also addressed the young people: “Ask yourself what I have and others do not? It is very important to find something specific, something that is part of your identity, part of your environment, something characteristic. Choose a path, one way, and follow that way.”