“Communication is important, we are people after all!”

Design Talks – Day 3

The third day of DesigTalks was fairly interesting because Mr. Marco Sousa Santos, a designer from Lisbon and a Rock Scale Hard Stuff founder and Ms. Anica Andric, a designer who presented her Garda brand, and who is both an owner and a founder of Ancona and Nunc brand, shared their experiences with the audience at the Fair.

They talked about different cultures, a different perspective from which one brand is approached, as well as about manufacturing itself.

Nunc is a Croatian brand that gathers young Croatian and regional designers, and as such it stems from the Ancona Company that used to manufacture kitchens of various shapes and sizes. At one point, they decided to showcase their product in Milan, and ever since then they have been focused on the western market.

Ms. Anica from Garda launched the brand as a logical sequence of her family manufacturing business. After she had set up a design studio within the family business, she created a brand engaged in manufacture of outdoor furniture.

A rock owner and a founder of the Hard Stuff brand shared the story of his early beginnings with Belgrade audience. He launched the brand out of love, since he does not come from design or furniture industry background.

“I bought a house, and because I had no money for the furniture, I started making it, first by buying a board that I had sanded on for days, and then other pieces. My wife then told me, “This is something you know how to do,” and practically, because of her insistence, Hard Stuff emerged. I want to make furniture that has a personal stamp, furniture that every owner will experience personally. That’s very important to me. ”

Marco Santos pointed out that machines certainly influence manufacturing quality and precision, and from a business perspective they play a big role, but we must not forget that mass production as a consequence of technology and industry development creates the specific environment we all live in today. “It affects the quality of life – now, the question that imposes itself is how good that is. But young people must definitely be focused on the market. They know how to draw, they love it, but being a designer means not just having a good idea, but knowing how to communicate, how to market a brand, or product. “Communication is important, we are people after all!”