Design Talks, Day Three: You need to have the courage of a little child

Day Three.


On the third day of the Conversation with Designers and Architects, the participants were the stars of Serbian design – designers, architects, and lecturers – Borut Vild and Mia David (Author or Universal Soldier), Jelena Matić and Maja Lalić (Mixer and Young Balkan Designers), Miodrag Minić (KULTURFORUM ODKR) and the painter Marko Lađušić as well as Ivan Mangov, who presented the Infinity of Structure project which participated in the Triennale Milano International Exhibition.

Marko Lađušić spoke about the importance of teamwork in this and every other project. “Teamwork is very important, and you need to rely on other people, people you get along with. Such work has enormous advantages”. He added that young people should pursue their goals: “Don’t let them break your self-confidence. You need to have the courage of a little child. While you are young, you do not have the exclusivity of production, but you have the exclusivity of experiment, so make a choice and love what you choose”.

Borut Vild spoke about the importance of informal education and the constant undermining of the system because it is the only way to learn constantly: “You have to learn from children, and the best way to learn is from preschool children and adolescents”. Mia David spoke about the time and conditions of the Author or Universal Soldier conference. “The Soldier is important to us; it was important for us to get together and exchange experiences about work. The conference was created in conditions without any production, but when you do something from the heart, it just shows. Jelena Matić said that there is charm in the chaos that reigns in our systems, because the combination of formal and informal obviously leads to results.

There was talk about the production conditions in which they all have been working, and Maja Lalić pointed out that it is the moral obligation of everyone involved in creative work to initiate such projects. “We wanted a more educational client, a journalist, better evaluation of work. We felt that a systemic approach was needed, a capillary approach of penetrating the system. There was a passion to arrange the common environment and thus make it better for everyone. The conversation was concluded by Marko Lađušić: “It is good to work in a makeshift manner at first, because when the money comes you are ready”.