Design Talks, Day Two: Design is not just a drawing on paper

Day Two.


On the second day of the Conversations with Designers and Architects, there was talk about design, collaborations, policies, and optimization of individual and system work. Experienced designers talked with younger and future colleagues about how to start, how to build a career, what is relevant today.

Marija Kojić, a designer who currently works at GIR, spoke about her experience and the difference between working on her own independently initiated project and in a larger system, i.e. in the GIR brand. Aleksandar Jevtović, also currently a designer working for GIR, spoke about what a designer encounters when he initiates his own project, or in his case it is about the EKOTO brand, which manufactures wooden toys.

The surprise guest was Djordje Čukanović, founder of the CHUDES studio, also a designer at GIR. He spoke about the importance of constant learning, about the process of thinking that is not only about form and aesthetics but must also include technology and its processes. “Design is not just a drawing, and the way something looks, design is, among other things, the design of a milling machine”. He also pointed out that uncompromisingness does not lead to a product, and that in this sense form is the first and the last thing in the process, and design is everything in between.

Ivana Peslhlikovska, from Macedonia, a participant in the Young Designers Exhibition, and Sonja Đorđević, an architect from Serbia, took part in the discussion.