Design Talks | Hall 2B | Day 2 | Announcement

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We continue conversations about design, collaboration, work and creation policies. How to start, how to build a career, what is relevant today in this “new age”. The relevance of the design profession, problems, and situations we encounter, and how we deal with them. When do we stop being “young designers” and when do we become experienced professionals? Does it have anything to do with age at all?


9/11/2022 Wednesday, 15.00-17.00 h


Who does what, how and why?


Marija Kojić, GIR – Serbia

Aleksandar Jevtović, GIR, Serbia

Ivana Peslhlikovska, Young Designers Exhibition

Sonja Đorđević, Young Designers Exhibition

Ivana Todosić, Young Designers Exhibition


The talks are moderated by: Vesna Pejović, Product Designer and Design Educator.


We look forward to seeing you!