Design Talks | Hall 2B | The Third day | Announcement

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On the third day of the design conversations, we will talk about design festivals, festivals and exhibitions in general, multidisciplinary cooperation and connection projects. We will also discuss the mutual influences of creative and social sectors, the international and local spirit, the intertwining of actions and where and what the place and role of design / designers are in all of this.



Thursday, 15.00-17.00 h


Where are we, what are we and how are we?


Ivan Mangov / Marko Lađušić

On the topic: Infinity of Structure of; teamwork of creation; independent exhibitions; multimedia…

Borut Vild / Isidora Nikolić / Mia David

On the topic: Design conference “Author or Universal Soldier”; education; projects; cooperation

Maja Lalić / Jelena Matić

On the topic: Festival Mixer, YBD, work in the field of design promotion, connection…

Miki Ninić – Kulturforum ODKR – Fine Arts Exhibition


The talks are moderated by: Vesna Pejović, Product Designer and Design Educator.

We look forward to seeing you!