Design Talks- We Cannot Stop Thinking about Design

Design Talks was an opportunity for you to hear the discussion between significant furniture industry factors, who transferred to the audience their own professional experiences. The discussion participants were Guillaume Delvigne, designer from France, Lucie Koldova, designer and Art Director of Brokis Studio from the Czech Republic, famous for the glass lighting, Filip Despot, product designer from Croatia, active in the Grupa Collective, awarded by many recognitions, Stefan Krivokapić from Skrivo Design Studio from Italy, Voja Žanetić, journalist and marketing expert from Serbia, Franco Dominici, the owner of Segis company, who spoke about the cooperation with design stars and the importance of design finding out in a wider culturological context. The discussion was moderated by Zoran Jedrejčić, Art Director of Belgrade Furniture Fair and Vesna Pejović famous designer from Belgrade.

The attendees talked about the projects they are currently working on, about the current situation in the furniture industry, the systems by which the industry operates, about the trends and market.

“Of course, I wonder what the point is of what I do and who for. Who needs another chair in this world? However, my position is different and it would be wrong that I approach it that so many accomplishments have already been fulfilled, the whole world knows for these products and I can never reach that level, so why should I work anything. I stopped bothering myself by this and comparing myself in this way. It is necessary to have certain self-control, a method to protect yourself. Because, if you start analyzing too much, you will see everything has already existed in a way. I think the point is to focus on what you believe in and try to relax. This is my philosophy. Since I am mother, I have to be efficient and then ask myself what it is I want to say by my creation and haven’t got too much time. Thus, I decided to go slowly but self-confidently” (Lucie Koldova)

“There are thousands and thousands musicians in this world – if you want to be the best musician, practice! There is writer market, designer market, shoes seller market. And it is very frustrating at each of them. When you sell shoes, you should talk to ten different people, in order to sell the shoes just to one of them. The one who needs love has nothing to do here. We do not talk about love, but how to make success. If you need love, find someone to love you. You will not find love at the market. At the market you have to earn your love” (Voja Žanetić).

“All of us here have got a slightly different design point of view – for me it comes from the heart. We cannot stop thinking about design and take care of it even after the completed job – at night, on weekends… This is actually our life profession. We always want to do better, higher quality, more beautiful… Travelling, we meet new things, designer items are all around us and we would often like to participate somehow – think what we would change, how we would do it, communicate with these things…”               (Guillaume Delvigne)


This was an excellent opportunity to meet at one place people from various parts of Europe, having various positions and views on the branch and intensively participate in the furniture industry creation. The general impression is, beside the daily problems the professionals face, it is important to get back to personal motives and personal esthetics, in order to stay in the game at a very complex and demanding market.