Development Process is a Live Thing

Design Talks – The Third Day.

On the third day of the Discussions with Designers and Architects, their experiences and points of view as regarding the furniture industry and the market, were shared with the visitors by:

Tanja Jović from Alba Sales Consulting agency, Dalibor Petrović, the owner of Woak brand, Bojan Radović with his brand GIR, while on behalf of BUCK brand the speakers were engineer Miroslav Živanović and industrial designer and design consultant Dušan Vuksan.


Really different topics were opened, but the greatest attention of the audience was attracted by the story of the cooperation process with young designers and the strategy young brands should develop, in order to be presented at the market.

Tanja Jović gave several key advices in this respect:

“The main activity of the Alba Sales Consulting agency is brand representing. Young brands miss the sales strategy creation. Brands have got very often the super product, but when they should present it, it coughs up. We help them profiling, target group defining, the price rank, which brand group they belong to. A designer looks at the product from the esthetic side, but it is very important to have strategy and a good marketing”.

Dalibor Petrović from Woak shared his interesting experience, since the brand redesign was performed:

“The brand name is a very important identity aspect, it communicates as much as the product itself. We are a young company, we have been existing for four years and we could perform the redesign, in a few years would be already too late. It is important to have the focus, of course, everyone selects his/her strategy him/herself. We entered the market with five products being our DNA. I believe the focus is lost by to wide collection and the energy is spent too much”.

GIR company from Kraljevo presented also its new accessories collection this year at the Fair, the art objects not deviating from their very homogenous and recognizable design.

“Cooperation with designers is a kind of game. The development process for more complex products takes even three years, as regarding the technical side, it looks the same with everyone, there are the steps you have to follow, but there are invisible steps in the development process and it is exciting, often strenuous and fairly uncertain part of the story. Anyone included in the process should be patient. The process is a live thing and one has to risk slightly”.

Miroslav Živanović and Dušan Vuksan advised the young designers and the brands currently positioned:

“You have to have the idea, vision and the supporting money, without it you will hardly succeed. You have to be highlighted at the market in a way. Designers bind too much to their ideas, of course, the creative ones look at the esthetic side of the product, but design is an economic strategy and the market should be listened to”.