Lucie Koldova, interview

About the Belgrade Furniture Fair and creation with passion.

Lucie is a designer from the Czech Republic, producing furniture pieces, glass sculptures and lighting, characteristic for colors, unusual proportions and contrasts. Her work includes from daily products, conceptual spaces, urban spaces, up to poetic gallery exhibits and limited series products with primary focus on basic materials – wood and glass. Her products are often brought just to the limit of feasible. Her creative process is characteristic for passion.

For me, design is the way of living. I have become mother recently and it is very difficult for me to arrange my time. Because, if you live design you want to go to the studio and work as soon as you get up. Since I virtually love each design aspect – it is a part of how I live, how I think, how I get dressed… it is simply an inseparable part of me. I do not experience design as my job and I am now in the situation to divide my time to the one necessary for me to be with my child, which I like very much and need and yet to organize myself and approach design as ‘a normal’ job and it is simply impossible for me. When you do things with passion, you do not see the good and bad sides, even those say uninteresting job aspects. I work easily, I do not need anyone to push me to. I feel and know also this has to be done and it is not difficult for me. This is a matter of creation, like painting or sculpturing, it requires absolute devotion and, for instance, I prefer spending a night doing a project to going out to clubs. One can say I devoted my youth to design and I enjoy it. Some would say this is almost a diagnosis, a disease.

The Fair is bigger than I thought it would be, in the positive sense! It is clear to me it is in the development stage, but it is clearly it goes to a very good direction. I am aware of the experience of the trade fair in Prague and the twenty years long transition it passed. Now, when all those international guests arrive from Milan, London, the Netherlands… They are all delighted due to the fact the long term work was successful. It is really so radical change, for which I believe will happen in Belgrade in a few years.