People Should Stay at These Areas.

Salih Teskeredžić is one of the founders of Bosnia and Herzegovina brand Gazzda and Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. His participation in the Fair, where he was a jury member who decided about the awards, was the opportunity to ask him about his impressions of what his Professor advice is to the young creative people at these areas.

What do you think about this year’s Furniture Fair and what is your attitude about the regional connecting of furniture designers and manufacturers?

Very important for this Fair is the design promotion, on which Zoran Jedrejčić has been working for many years. Belgrade Furniture Fair is already famous for this designer fine feeling. It is important to highlight contemporary European Fairs cannot be attractive if there is no design. What I saw at the hall 3 is attractive, not only at the local, but also at the European level.

Regional connecting is necessary and it is nice that we had here many companies from the region, but also from Europe and there is cooperation among the regional designers and manufacturers.

During Design Talks you pointed out it was important for your people to remain at these areas and work, but how to motivate them to work for the local furniture manufacturers?

I am one of those who lived abroad,, but I returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is a huge potential here, since you cannot tell anyone – don’t go, but offer him nothing in return. However, there is a great unused potential at these areas. The problem at the territory of former Yugoslavia is the lack of the entrepreneurship spirit, one does not think the job is something you shape and create yourself. Young people should understand their opportunity and potential are first of all in the fact it is possible here to make the same things as anywhere n the world. At these areas there is a lot of space for you to be the first one in some disciplines, since the competition is not as strong as in the developed Western countries. Also from this side there is a huge chance for success and it should be used.