Present the Heritage in the Contemporary Way.

The guest of this year’s Furniture Fair was Italian design philosopher, watcher of the contemporary living way and the unique design guru Virginio Briatore, who highlights the heritage is an important part of design, since it is the key point for authenticity of a product.

What are your impressions about the Fair and design of the regional furniture manufacturers?

My first impression is related to the Fair complex, which is a masterpiece of architecture. This beautiful architecture has to be preserved and maintained. This Fair cannot be compared with those in Milano, Frankfurt or Tokyo, but I saw a few interesting companies and young designers from the region, And this is important. It is important there is quality and daily advancement.

My recommendation is to build identity as result of the tradition of these areas and modern design. This is important – to present the heritage in the modern way. This region is the connection point of the North and South, the East and West. And this shall be seen in the furniture pieces created at these areas. This is the authenticity of this region.