Recognize the Opportunity and Use It

Design Talks – The Fourth Day.

On the fourth day Design Talks audience had the opportunity to hear the jury members who decided about the awards at the 56th International Fair of Furniture, Equipment and Interior Decoration.

Salih Teskeredžić is one of the founders of Bosnia and Herzegovina brand Gazzda and Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. As he explains, the name of this brand is the parody to the Balkan big boss character who drives a jeep and does not pay his workmen’s salaries. “Gazzda is a designer / development team, we work for 12 to 15 furniture manufacturers and we are open for work with craftsmen and people who like their job”. Teskeredžić points out there are serious product designers on the scene who graduated at the Academy in Sarajevo. “Many of them work in Gazzda. The best students, if they want, get the job in Gazzda and the goal is to make creative atmosphere, in which young people see the exit from the tunnel. There is a lot of work here, but the job is something we create ourselves. The job is hunted, run after, looked for, the job does not come and knock on your door. All of us from the Balkans have to learn this fact”.

The jury members were also Dijana Novaković and Maja Trbović, who founded Autori studio 10 years ago, in Belgrade. They attracted attention to themselves by the project for the property Terra Panonica from Mokrin. This project was precious for them, since they passed through all stages, from the ideas and sketches to the project execution in the field. “We put huge energy and were working for five years actively and devoted on this project. The opportunity should be recognized and used”, highlights Maja Trbović. “It is very important not to accept something cannot be done. One should insist on his/her ideas and find the ways to execute them within the realistic possibilities. Creativity is not just a good idea and sketch, but you should be also creative in the execution process of your idea. It is necessary to be patient”, adds Dijana Novaković.

A participant in the discussion was also Italian architect and designer Virginio Briatore who explained the phenomenon and secret of Italian design. “The answer is very simple. This is a matter of heritage. Diverse heritage. There are huge differences between Bosnia and Scandinavia, between Sicily and the Northern Italy, between Dubrovnik and Belgrade. When you mix up this heritage you get wonderful architecture. We are not Germans or Japanese, we are not perfect, but we have to be creative and lucid with the ideas arising from our heritage”.