To Be Sincere, Believe in Oneself and Risk

Design Talks – the Second Day.

On the second day of Discussions with Designers and Architects, the architect and designer Irena Kilibarda (studio Dsignedby), architect Ljuba Janković on behalf of Bora company, which presents its premium aspirators at the Fair, and the studio Benussi and fish with its brand of sensory kids’ furniture Tink Things, spoke about their experiences and work.

Irena Kilibarda spoke about the challenges of the work on her own production and the necessity to be ready and go out to the market:

“All of us pass through different stages during our work and, of course, there are difficulties, it does not always go smoothly, but I think it is important to put energy and accept the risk. It is important to answer inquiries, particularly the big ones, since if you reject them once, twice or several times, you are ‘finished’. I think it is necessary to find out if you are ready for risk”.

Ljuba Janković on behalf of Bora company, with great experience within architecture and interior design, spoke about the position everyone created for himself.

“If I was lucky to work with certain clients, it is a question, I believe everyone creates his luck for himself by starting from the wish, since there is nothing to guarantee success. This is unconditioned love, since you give yourself all the time. It is important to want, it is important to work on yourself constantly, analyze your weaknesses and, of course, tremendously believe in yourself”.

Benussi and fish is a small studio, which presented its brand Tink Things. Their presentation induced the audience and many issues with the topic of storytelling in design and connecting to the product were opened.

“If you design things you are emotionally connected to, it is transferred to the product and you created a real authentic product and the story told by this product. Thus, sincerity is a great condition”.