Understandable, Useful and Intuitive

Design Talks – The Third Day.

Cooperation of designers and furniture manufacturers, brand development and the innovation including, sales, obstacle and limit overcoming are just some of the topics discussed on the Design Talks third day within the Furniture Fair 2017. The participants in the discussion were Sales Managers of the Italian company laCividina Fabrizio Cirillo and the Swiss company White Oak Dalibor Petrović, as well as the Creative Director of the Croatian studio Sonda Jelena Fiškuš.

During the discussion it was pointed out the cooperation of designers and the manufacturers themselves was the key point, in order to find through a furniture piece creation the best materials and forms and fulfill all norms.

White Oak company’s head office is in Switzerland, but the production is in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This company manufactured at the beginning the components for many European companies, but it grew into the company, which began its own furniture production, five years ago.

“The selection of the designer you will work with is definitely something that shapes brand future, points out Dalibor Petrović.

Sonda is an independent creative studio for design and communications, but it does not perform only graphic design, but helps many brands developing and growing.

“It is important that design has got sense, it does not matter that something is just beautiful, it has to be understandable, useful and intuitive. We always use design as a tool to learn something and send a deeper message. The point is not just to make a good design, which other designers will like”, highlights Jelena Fiškuš.

Italian company laCividina has got long tradition at the market, it was established in 1976, near Udine and it is the leading manufacturer of sofas and armchairs in the Italian Province Friuli-Venezia Giulia. They highlight the products are 100% Made in Italy, and actually all manufacturers of this company are situated in a circle of 50 kilometers.

“In Italy we are lucky that the Government supported production immediately after the Second World War and now, in the furniture production, we have got about a thousand small furniture manufacturers. You have got great capacities for furniture production, good design, hardworking employees, but time is necessary, the second or third manufacturer generation has to come”.