Young Designers / Brand Professionalization

Design Talks the First Day.

On the first day of Furniture Fair in Belgrade, a Discussion with Young Designers who exhibit their products at this year’s Fair, was held. The Discussion participants were Belgrade designer Tatjana Kuburović with the brand Superheroina Cura Fina (Superhero a Nice Girl), architectural studio Moba from Novi Sad, Lidija Mikljuš with her brand Tabushi from Croatia and Blanko Studio from Novi Sad. In addition to the work presentation, it was mostly spoken about the challenges met by the designers who develop a brand and launch their own production. A topic was also Brand Professionalization, i.e. how objective is to develop a brand independently and what it understands under the globalization conditions. The fact is each designer ‘supports’ his/her brand working in other fields, from graphic design to the interior one and similar. Under such conditions it is rather difficult to deal in design, production, distribution, promotion… However, the conclusion is in the general globalization each environment has got its own limits and the essence is in the personal engagement.