Do what you enjoy doing the most!

Design Talks – Day one

On the first day of the Interview with Designers and Architects, the audience had the opportunity to hear one of the jury members from Anipod Studio, Ms. Irena Mikljus, who will both decide on the Branko Nikolic Golden Key Award and present her Tabushi brand, as well as Mr. Milan Kajganic, a young designer, who will have his chairs on display at this year’s Youth Exhibition Designers.

They talked about globalization, a problematic issue that allows anyone to do anything for anyone on any side of the world, thus simultaneously creating hyper-production that results in a kind of value devaluation.

They also discussed young people for whom it is important to attend fairs, exhibit and perform as much as possible, because this is a way to gain experience and forge friendships, and as pointed out by a young designer Mr. Milan Kajganic: “A way to get rid of your computer and enter a workshop!”

“You don’t have to make products that are commercial. Be brave, experiment and try, approach design from a philosophical angle, from another angle, and use that kind of work later as an inspiration in your work to solve other, more specific problems,” Mr. Branko Nikolic pointed out to his colleagues whose works are yet to be seen.

Branko also emphasized the importance of sharing experiences as well as working in a team, because today’s design is not just a nice chair, design is everything, from interpersonal relationship to experience.

The question as to who the successful designer is, Branko from Antipod Studio replied: “A successful person is not the one who has money, but the one who does what he/she enjoys the most and does it to the best of his/her ability.”