Franco Dominici, Interview

About the Belgrade Furniture Fair, Ambition and Passion.

Franco Dominici is the CEO and founder of the Italian furniture company Segis, one of the global leaders in design and manufacturing of the injected plastic innovative, high quality furniture. Segis is famous for its minimal esthetics and courage to launch young designers. Their products are the balance between technical, production and creative capabilities, originality and sensibility of a designer. “The direct and human, personal approach allows Segis to grow together and parallel with its clients”. We talked to the Segis owner, Mr. Franco Dominici at the Belgrade Furniture Fair, after the Design Talks.

What do you think of the Belgrade Furniture Fair?

I think a great, brave and very diplomatic job was done. Owing to this, the exhibition stands well again. The key for this event is the presence of major companies, which will show their products. In my opinion all important people are here. I want to congratulate to the whole team – all of them are full of enthusiasm, energetic, incredibly kind, even the cleaning woman included herself by the question if she could help somehow, which is the real rarity at present. I think it should go on like this and in three to four years I believe this fair may be within the Top 10.

You spoke in the Design Talks about passion, love for design; design are not just items, design is the way of thinking, special point of view…

I talked to a young lady who had just graduated design, whose father was an architect who liked the old timers very much. All these old automobiles produced five, six decades ago, look perfect. We discussed that in the meeting with them there was something like in a meeting with a beautiful woman – well shaped woman with beautiful smile wakes your wish to possess her somehow. You cannot buy a woman, but you buy a car. Sometimes I am against design, we have a saying in Italy Inutile e costoso, meaning unusable and expensive. What I like in design is the creative process. Like two persons are necessary for making love, it is the same when anything else is created – in the design we have to have a side to think out something and another