The stories are important

Mobles 114 company from Barcelona was established in 1973 and since beginning of its operation it has supported creativity and been devoted to the improvement of the look of public and residence facilities. They unite the tradition and present time and they are witnesses of many changes in the Spanish society and culture. Mobles 114 cooperates with many recognized global designers. This Spanish company is the winner of many awards and particularly highlighted should be the National Design Award they won in 2001.

They attended Belgrade Furniture Fair for the first time this year and their products have been exhibited at the Distribucija stand. Ms. Núria Tovar, Export Sales Manager of this company visited Belgrade and we talked to her about the Fair, expectations from Serbian market and the chair „Tube Chair Aluminium“, for which they won in Belgrade the Golden Key award for the best outdoor furniture.

What is your opinion of this Fair?

This Fair is very interesting and shows a good guideline of the furniture industry development in Serbia. On one side there are traditional Serbian furniture manufacturers and the people who buy this furniture not paying too much attention to the design and on the other side, there are many companies both from Serbia and the Balkans region, showing they can produce high quality, excellent designed furniture. I saw the changes and the evolution in progress with the local companies and this is positive for furniture design. This is a good sign.

How did you decide to be present at the local market and what are your ambitions to present to the buyers in the Balkans?

At the Furniture Fair in Milan (Saleno del Mobile Milano) we met Zoran Jedrejčić, who liked our design and suggested to be our distributer here. The company being our importer has got a very serious approach to the job. Hence, we decided to come to this market. Our expectations are great, there is a lot of space for advancement, there is a space that is empty and may be filled in, which is our chance. I am sure we can do many positive things here.

What is the key point for your furniture design?

The stories behind a piece of furniture are very important for us and these stories are very nice. We connect the tradition and present time. As an example I would point out the beautiful chair „Tube Chair Aluminium“, designed by Eugen Quitllet. It tells the story about the beauty and the beast. The beauty is in the shape of this chair, but at the same time the hard material, aluminum, speaks about its strength. The inspiration is Picasso’s work “Bull Head”, the chair has many similarities with this work.