Well-designed Furniture

Lithuanian company EMKO was founded in 2009. godine, and already five years later it won the prestigious Red Dot Award. They manufacture very simple, multifunctional, high quality furniture. They attended the Furniture Fair for the first time and their products are a part of the Distribution offer. The company’s Project Manager Inga Markovska presented this company in Belgrade.

What is your opinion of this Fair?

Excellent! I looked at the stands in the Halls 3 and 3A and I am positively surprised, especially by the size of this event and design quality, since I did not know what I could expect. I saw the brands like Mutto and Vitra were present here, but I am also delighted by the local brands. Among them I would particularly highlight Mosso and Gir. I am really impressed.

You attend Serbian market for the first time and your products will be a part of the Distribution offer. What do you expect at this market?

The concept offered by Distribucija is excellent; it is very strong and decisive. I expect really much, since this market shows huge potential for high quality and well-designed furniture.

What does Emko offer to the buyers?

I always say we do not sell furniture, we sell emotions and our stories. We create smart, multifunctional furniture, an excellent example is „The Multifunctional Pill“, a circular shaped wardrobe easily transformed into a functional job place, a make-up table or a bar. It can be whatever you want.

What is also important is that the company’s roots are set in the ancient Baltic tradition of wooden furniture manufacturing, but we are also open for cooperation with designers and creative artists from various parts of Europe and the world.

Your Naïve chair has been awarded at this Fair. What is characteristic for it?

It is very simple, it consists of six sticks of the same length, the sitting part and a flexible seat back. But each part of this chair was carefully designed and drawn, we got perfect proportions and excellent position for sitting. It is easily mounted and dismantled, you can take it with you. Since all parts are prefabricated, you can also combine different colors, depending upon your taste.