News for Belgrade Audience

Furniture Production in the Region Has Been Rising in the Region since a few years and the General Impression is the Region Will Develop Only.

Many companies feature annually at the Furniture Fair. Those having attracted attention are this year the manufacturers and brands from the region, GIR, WHITEOAK, MS AND WOOD, among which GIR and WHITEOAK feature for the first time. In a discussion with them we found out how they see Belgrade Furniture Fair.


How do you see the Fair, what kind of opportunity does this venue provide for a young brand?

This is for us, first of all, a test, experiment. The essence is contact and interaction with people. I am pleased we are at the Fair in Belgrade, since it is somehow ‘ours’ and I believe Belgrade Fair may be the central Furniture Fair at the Balkans. I expect it to keep on developing exponentially in the future. Compared with the last year, this is a huge step forward. I was at various Furniture Fairs – Cologne, Paris, Milan… If it goes on this way, in just a few years there will not be any difference between the Hall 3 and important global tradeshows anymore.

The first Fair day is passing, what are your impressions?

For us as a fresh, fairly young team, this is a sacred experience. It is very interesting, we are satisfied, the comments are more than positive and this is our greatest pleasure – we know why we are here.


You have decided to appear first at Belgrade Furniture Fair?

Our company has existed for a long time and, so far, we mostly exhibited at major global tradeshows. We have never visited the Region so far and now we have decided to introduce ourselves. Our furniture manufacturing is in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but because of the nature of the product itself and the market situation we have got in our country, we never considered the Balkans could be an interesting market, so we were originally focused to the export market. However, when we reached certain level, i.e. made the first steps, sustainable now by themselves and enabling our brand to grow, we decided to feature at our market, as well.

Is the Furniture Fair a good opportunity for someone exhibiting for the first time, a good place for presentation?

I consider the Furniture Fair actually the only opportunity, since someone with high quality idea or product may feature to a wider audience and the industry itself, distribution, which is the key point. Another thing, Belgrade has been becoming the regional center lately, it is visited by investors from various sides of the world. Thus, not only regional contacts may be found at Belgrade Fair, but even further. Especially the Middle East, there were even many buyers from Europe – UK and France. I have been coming to Belgrade Fair as visitor for about ten years and I can say this is certainly the best exhibiting, the best performance. Primarily owing to the people who organized this greatly, starting from Zoran as the Art Director, up to all people from the Fair Management, who provided support and made the regional leader of all tradeshows.


We exhibited at this Fair before, as well. We highly appreciate the efforts put by the Belgrade Furniture Fair Management for many years, in order to feature the best ones from the furniture world also to our region. For those attending one of the tradeshows for the first time, Belgrade is an ideal opportunity to feature what they can do and thereby possibly attract attention of the buyers, architects, Furniture Shows in this part of Europe. For us, as a young indeed, but already renowned manufacturer of high value furniture, with the awards won this year at the tradeshows, such as Cologne, or already included furniture collection within the art and design Milan Triennial, Belgrade was an ideal opportunity to present our accomplishments also to the region.

What do you expect from Belgrade Fair in the future?

I believe the Fair in Belgrade will keep on attracting attention of the beautiful, high quality and operational furniture fans. I think Belgrade Fair has got a chance to gather the best ones from the region and become recognizable for it. We in this part of Europe and particularly the manufacturers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, always had the tradition of manufacturing high quality, by design likeable furniture. Anyway, it would suit us that the Fair in Belgrade is better than at the moment and you have our support in it.

You won the Golden Key award for the best product at Belgrade Furniture Fair. How do you comment the award?

We experienced the award as the continuation of the very successful year. I have already said we won the awards at the prestigious Cologne International Interiors Show for a chair and table from our Primum Collection 2016. After this, we experienced for the first time that the furniture from Bosnia and Herzegovina, including ours, is a form part of the Milan Triennial exhibition and then we caused great interest and attention of furniture showrooms all over the world at the Paris Furniture Show. In just a few years, we managed to reach the quality that apparently does not leave anyone indifferent. I appreciate the award once more and promise we shall keep on better and more interesting.