Prostoria Presents its New Collection

Trifidae Armchair Line.

Prostoria, already well known company from Croatia, for which one can say it showed business, strategic, technological and designer way for other regional companies, attends also this year at the Hall 3.

At the characteristic and recognizable stand you cannot miss, Prostoria will present the new furniture line – Trifidae. The collection signed by Numen/For Use studio consists of four armchairs: the small armchair, high backrest armchair and the enclosing lounge chair (with wide and high backrest) with a pouf.

The armchairs are made of three parts with specific triangulated forms resembling opening and closing of the petals of flower buds. The three part armchair structure is additionally highlighted by different colors, while the single black color looks more classic.

Beside Trifidae, Prostoria launched another three chair lines, Dobra and Osmo Outdoor, signed by Numen/For Use and the Monk collection designed by Grupa Studio.