The 57th Furniture Fair is now over

An event that met the expectations of all those present at the Fair!

This year, as well as all the previous years, the fair successfully managed to gathered reputable designers, a large number of business people, buyers and distributors from across the globe, as well as a large number of visitors. This year boasts a significant increase in the number of foreign buyers as well as professionals engaged in the furniture industry, primarily architects.

Well-known companies from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, including Fagus, Colombini Casa and Cappellini participated in this year’s fair. This year was also marked by a top quality performance of both local and regional manufacturers, among whom Prostoria and Gir are well known and joined by a young Serbian brand Garda.

The exhibition of Young Designers was visited by many manufacturers as well as older colleagues, as it represents a kind of a platform on which young authors present their latest design solutions.

Design Talks is an event that draws everyone’s attention – professionals, visitors and fans alike. Daily discussions involving eminent and leading experts in the furniture industry, be it business owners, designers, architects, and in general all those gathered by the industry, show a good direction in the field of communication, which the Fair has been aiming at and building for years.

This year, the Golden Key Award was also presented by the decision of an international jury panel, which gathered on this particular occasion at Belgrade Fair. The award ceremony aims to highlight what is of top quality and as such be a relevant incentive for the entire region.