Design Talks, the first day: The desire for the new is more important than what happened yesterday

The first day.


The participants of the First Day of Conversation with Designers and Architects, which took place at the Furniture Fair in Hall 2B under the title DESIGN / RESTART / FAIR / New Age and where are we? were Aleksandar Ivković from the Belgrade Fair, then Zoran Jedrejčić, Designer and Design Manager, as well as Marta Naumovska Grnarova representing ZAVAR company from North Macedonia, Marko Basarovski, KOLEGE studio from Serbia and Miki Ninić from the organization Kulturforum ODKR. The conversation was hosted by Vesna Pejović, Product Designer and Design Educator.

The participants talked about innovation, the boundaries between architecture, industrial design, interior design, and art, as well as the contemporary context. Since the visitors were mostly young and unestablished designers, the best covered topic was the importance of personal initiative, constant work and improvement, and Marta Grnarova pointed out that creative thinking is key when it comes to the work process. Creative does not mean artistic inclinations, but rather engineering problem-solving that includes all surrounding factors, from the inner creative impulse, through market demands, to limitations of all kinds in terms of materials or technology.

Aleksandar Ivković pointed out that, regardless of the modern moment, the importance of holding furniture fairs in real time and space is extremely important and that the contact we have with furniture as well as with each other is irreplaceable. Miki Ninić from the KULTURFORUM ODKR gallery spoke about the position of art and the works of art that they have in the context of interior design, while Zoran Jedrejčić emphasized that in work, the desire for the new is always more important than what happened yesterday.