The Local Companies Worth Attention

Design, Ergonomics and Function – Antares

Several decades long experience in the office chair manufacturing and design

ANTARES is one of the largest office chair manufacturers in the Central and Eastern Europe. It carries out its production in six plants in Europe, under cooperation with more than 3,000 professional partners and with several million sold chairs in the region annually. Antares points out as its qualities duration, reliability, quality and classic design.

ATLAS: Comfort and Operativeness

Manufacturing of High Quality Upholstered Furniture

High esthetic values, modern design and uncompromising quality are the standards pointed out by Atlas. Cooperation with famous European and local designers, selection of high quality materials, as well as the passion entered by the foremen into each product make Atlas capable of satisfying also then most demanding needs of the contemporary customer.

SIMPO: The Leading Regional Furniture Seller

More than 40 years at the international market

Quite completed production process, from the raw and production materials to the final product, makes SIMPO unique at the European market, which enables maximal control of quality, costs and just-in-time delivery.

“SIMPO production philosophy has been created based upon innovativeness, flexibility, preciseness and constant advancement through the implementation of designer trends and the contemporary business models”.

MATIS: High Quality Furniture – High Quality Living

High quality commercial distribution

With the vision to be the regional leader in the production and quality, the basic characteristics of Matis products are top quality, contemporary design and extremely affordable prices.

Matis strategy key words are high quality materials, high production technology, highly skilled human resources, optimized occupational safety and technical conditions, high quality commercial distribution at the local and international markets.