Conceptual Potential

Design Talks – The Fifth Day.

On the fifth day of the Discussions with Designers and Architects, the discussion was joined by designer Marija Kojić, otherwise the winner of this year’s Nomination for the Best Young Designer, the product Turn 02, designer Marko Oljača, designer Tamara Švonja and Marko Radenković on behalf of Nova Iskra.

– Young designers need great support in their work, especially in one product execution, they need assistance of many people, pointed out Marija Kojić.

Tamara Švonja, who executed a product within the FOLKK brand, said it was very important to listen to the market and knock on many doors, but certainly not waste time in the attempt to make contact with any brand.

“It is necessary to knock on many doors, but before this, to look at the market and approach to those brands and manufacturers who can recognize your design”.

Marko Radenković from Nova Iskra said:

“My role is to support partnerships and young people. We opened a location in Zemun and during the table manufacturing we cooperated with the manufacturer, rather than with carpenters, like before. Then we realized how significant is to have the real partner in the industry. Designer is extremely sensitive, because at the market he/she is not only designer, but also the manager and promoter”.

It was spoken about the position of Serbian designers, brands and products at the global market and all participants’ conclusion was we could not be competitive, either by price or production capacities, but what we can use is the conceptual potential.