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Design Talks, Day Five: Read Books

Day Five.

The guests of the last day of Conversation with Designers and Architects were Sava Čvek, a well-known name in the world design scene, then professor Ranko Bočina, as well as fellow designers and lecturers Jugoslava Kljakić, Tijana Sekulić, Senka Kljakić, Tijana Milutinović, Marija Kojić and Arpad Pulai. There was talk about the workshop activities, about the importance of going through all the stages of the creation of an item, from drawing to making a prototype. The question of how to get a commercial product was also raised. Sava Čvek gave advice to young colleagues: “You need a dose of courage. Knock on every door. Of course, most of the answers will be “no”, but don’t let that discourage you, be persistent and persevere. Believe in yourself and learn to beg, to ask. Be boring”. There was talk about the importance of thorough and complete education, about the motives for doing design. Ranko Bočina pointed out: “Design is like unrequited love, you keep giving, but you never get back what you gave”. Tijana Sekulić spoke about a studious and dedicated approach to work as the key, and the conversation was concluded by Sava Čvek: “Read books, don’t just look at pictures, read”.