60th Belgrade Furniture Fair

The International Fair of Furniture, Equipment, and Interior Decoration (UFI) is the most important event in the region of Southeast Europe in the sphere of furniture design, manufacture, and distribution.
As a leading trade fair event in the furniture industry and related industries, it represents a regional center for trade fair promotion and development of domestic and international brands and provides a representative insight into the latest trends, innovations, design, and advanced technologies in this important economic activity. In this way, it exerts a positive influence, makes more prominent, and promotes both local and regional industry, encourages innovation and creativity, raises education and professional development to a higher level, and indirectly promotes tourism and contributes to the preservation of local identity.
Exhibitors from the country and abroad, renowned furniture manufacturers, designers, distributors, traders and other professionals, present a wide range of furniture for different rooms and purposes, including residential, office, childrens, garden, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom furniture and furniture sets and much more. Visitors have the opportunity to see and try different styles of furniture, including modern, classic, minimalist, rustic.

There are also other elements of the interior, such as lighting, carpets, curtains, decorative items, and other accessories that contribute to the complete appearance of a residential or commercial space. In addition to the exhibition part, all participants are offered a number of parallel programs – expert lectures and panel discussions and workshops on trends in interior design, the use of certain materials or techniques of spatial arrangement. There are frequent presentations by renowned furniture designers and industry experts who share their knowledge and experience with visitors.

The Fair confirms its international character gathering many Businessmen, Buyers, Architects, Designers and Distributors from the region and all parts of Europe.

During the Fair, the visitors will have the opportunity to see already famous Young Designer Exhibition featuring young and perspective Authors, Faculties and Schools, enlightening the rising stars.

The Hosted Buyer Programme introduction and the presence of the Global and Regional Buyers at the Fair opened the opportunity for new Business deals, the Local furniture sales to new markets and the Export support. Meeting of the Exhibitors and Buyers, Architects and Designers with Businessmen, makes the Fair a unique venue for the cooperation negotiations and mutual interests.

The event peak is the Golden Key award, granted by the International Jury to the most successful exhibitors in 2022. This year, the Jury consists of really interesting and influential names within Design, Architecture, International Press and Business.

Design specialty of the Belgrade Furniture Fair is Design Talks – Discussions with Designers and Architects, held in all six days of the Fair. This year, Design Talks will have very dynamic program and gather many prominent speakers from the whole Europe.

Welcome to the 58th Furniture Fair!

Golden Key is the award awarded to the most successful and best accomplishments within furniture design, created in these regions.

Young Designer Exhibition is a special section within the Furniture Fair with the focus on young authors promotion and it is a unique cross section of the situation in the modern design.

Design Talks is an innovative format that through interviews, debates and presentations brings together International and Regional Designers, Architects and Businessman, which will take place throughout the duration of the Fair.

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