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Design is more present and has got more functions than ever. It is also a very strong communication tool. From the sneakers we wear, the chairs we sit on, the car we drive, someone shaped all this skillfully. The paradox is that it is at the same time somehow invisible, probably just due to the presence everywhere. We are currently in the ‘purgatory’. Slightly painful process, but I believe we accepted this as necessity at the moment and that’s why I believe in the bright future.

Bojan Radović


In a way, the Furniture Fair point is not in presentation but comparison. You cannot estimate what you want or expect to be offered if you have no idea of your own about something and slightly doubt someone else’s one. I assume it is like this also with the furniture. Only when you have all options at one place, actually visible, the things and criteria get the increased point and importance, since you have the orientation points for each type of resourcefulness – in time, space, practice, comfort, esthetics… Thus, the Furniture Fair is an opportunity that should not be missed.

Danka Selić

Generalna direktorka Beogradskog Sajma

The Fair complex is a masterpiece of architecture and it has to be preserved. This region is the connection point of the North and South, the East and West. And this shall be seen in the furniture pieces created at these areas. This is the authenticity of this region.

Virginio Briatore

Interni Magazine

The step forward made in the several past years is definitely visible, especially in the Hall 3. The Design Talks introduction and the presence of the regional companies are important, since we connect with our colleagues this way, which is very useful.

Maja Trbović i Dijana Novaković

Studio Autori

Design promotion is very important for this Fair, on which Zoran Jedrejčić has been working for many years. Belgrade Furniture Fair is already famous for this designer fine feeling. It is important to highlight contemporary European Fairs cannot be attractive if there is no design. What I saw at the hall 3 is attractive, not only at the local, but also at the European level.

Salih Teskeredžić


This Fair is very interesting and shows a good guideline of the furniture industry development in Serbia. On one side there are traditional Serbian furniture manufacturers and the people who buy this furniture not paying too much attention to the design and on the other side, there are many companies both from Serbia and the Balkans region, showing they can produce high quality, excellent designed furniture. I saw the changes and the evolution in progress with the local companies and this is positive for furniture design. This is a good sign.

Nuria Tovar

Mobles 114

Excellent! I looked at the stands in the Halls 3 and 3A and I am positively surprised, especially by the size of this event and design quality, since I did not know what I could expect. I saw the brands like Mutto and Vitra were present here, but I am also delighted by the local brands. Among them I would particularly highlight Mosso and Gir. I am really impressed.

Inga Markovska


The Fair is bigger than I thought it would be, in the positive sense! It is clear to me it is in the development stage, but it is clearly it goes to a very good direction. I am aware of the experience of the trade fair in Prague and the twenty years long transition it passed. Now, when all those international guests arrive from Milan, London, the Netherlands… They are all delighted due to the fact the long term work was successful. It is really so radical change, for which I believe will happen in Belgrade in a few years.

Lucie Koldova

Lucie Koldova Studio

I see the design oriented Fair as huge potential. Furniture should be seen as a form part of general culture and society. Thus, only the furniture distributers, manufacturers and designers are not responsible for the general condition of the living culture and thereby also the society, but first of all the educational institutions and all media in general.

Jovan Trkulja

Peter Gregson Studio

I think a great, brave and very diplomatic job was done. Owing to this, the exhibition stands well again. The key for this event is the presence of major companies, which will show their products. In my opinion all important people are here. I want to congratulate to the whole team – all of them are full of enthusiasm, energetic, incredibly kind, even the cleaning woman included herself by the question if she could help somehow, which is the real rarity at present. I think it should go on like this and in three to four years I believe this fair may be within the Top 10.

Franco Dominici