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Design Talks, Day Four: Collaborations are essential

Day Four.

The speakers on the fourth day of the Conversation with Designers and Architects were the representatives of the American company MOKU, which has its manufacturing unit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Tamara Švonja, a designer, as well as unestablished authors participating in the Young Designers Exhibition. Most of the talk was about how, as a young designer, to take the first step towards possible cooperation with companies – whether large systems or small companies are concerned. The representatives of MOKU company said that, when it comes to design, we should always keep in mind the question of who we are designing for, who the user will be? The Director of MOKU company said that they create furniture with the desire for people to live a quality, conscientious and comfortable life. The designer Lidija, who works for MOKU, said, “Design is a solution to a problem, design is an answer to the question of what I can do better”. Related to that is the awareness of the importance of telling the story, and the awareness of who the story is being told to. Energy is important, it is energy that moves things, and energy is exchanged in cooperation, therefore, cooperation is necessary. One man cannot do anything alone, he needs others, concluded the Director of MOKU.