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Design Talks | Hall2B | Day Five | Announcement

Come and have a chat with us! Let’s talk!

And finally, let’s go back to the beginning: how to become a designer? We will talk to professors and design educators, but also to young designers, some of whom are still students or have just graduated from university. We will try to find parallels and points of contact, but also potential differences in how someone sees design education, how it was, what it could be. And, of course, inevitable questions about digital, as contrasted with physical, challenges of communication and knowledge transfer.

12.11.2022 / Saturday, 15.00-17.00 h

DIZAJN / EDUCATION / PROFESSION Yesterday, today, tomorrow…

Ranko Bočina – Faculty of Applied Arts

Tijana Sekulić – Faculty of Applied Arts

Senka Kljakić – Faculty of Applied Arts

Tijana Milutinović – Faculty of Applied Arts

Jugoslava Kljakić – College of Fine and Applied Arts Vocational Studies

Marija Kojić – Young Designers Exhibition

Arpad Pulai – Young Designers Exhibition

Sandra Pantelić – Young Designers Exhibition

Marta Glavčić – Young Designers Exhibition

The talks are moderated by: Vesna Pejović, Product Designer and Design Educator.

We look forward to seeing you!